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   Each vertical garden is given a unique design and selection of species. The composition of plants takes in consideration the specific environment where it will be built, such as the local- and micro climate, sun exposure and the surrounding context. The aim is to create a one of a kind and site-specific garden that stands beautiful through all the seasons of the year.
A well executed design is also a way to minimize the future maintenance demand of the garden. A plant's growth habit, size and behavior on a vertical surface is important knowledge for making the right combination of species, in order to keep the competition between plants at a healthy level. Choosing the right plant for the right place makes sense for any garden, but maybe even more so in a vertical garden.
   As ornamental objects, not only can the beauty of plants be fascinating, but also the fact that they are alive and always changing. Much work is put into the aesthetic result of the gardens, and part of that is to develop this attracting sensation of life and unpredictability that plants bring within themselves. For the overall design a lot of inspiration is taken from natural shapes and environments where these type of plants have their origin, and in the smaller scale each species is given a context where it can develop it's characteristics. All together creating a unique garden with much content, surprise and variation.